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Some of my earliest memories are of afternoons peering up over the edge of the kitchen counter watching  my mother

bake whatever amazing thing she had up her sleeve that day.


You might see a recipe from Mum follow us to Putnam Pike!


While baking has always been a love of mine, it is not how I started my career. I have been a working artist for over 20 years. I love doing anything creative, and that love has let me do things


all over the world!! 

About 8 years ago, I started baking more seriously and realized just how imaginative it all was. I was newly hooked and have been begging people to let me paint on their cakes ever since! 

In the past 8 years, I have had the luck of working in some pretty amazing places; each one teaching me different aspects of decorating.  Every day is a new creative adventure.

I'd not have it any other way.


Growing up, baking was a family affair and something I fell in love with at an early age. So naturally when it came time for an after school job, I found myself at Cinnamon Cafe, rolling and baking cinnamon buns.

My Cafe time only helped to solidify a  love

for baking; leading to the decision to go to a pastry school.


Johnson & Wales, class of 2006

Baking and Pastry Arts

With an internship followed by time spent working at some of the most celebrated bakeries in New England, I have become well versed in several baking techniques and have developed a love for cake decorating.

Since 2013, I have been a head decorator for a busy bakery in Providence, Rhode Island. 


Together with Amy, I am excited to share this next chapter with the people in our new home of

Greenville, and beyond!


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